Duplicate Albums

I am still getting duplicate albums, even after deleting the music database and forcing Audirvana to rebuild it. This process gets rid of the duplicates, but they come back again, I am not sure why.

did you remove your music folder(s) in Audirvana preferences or you delete the .sqlite file? Mac or PC?

I deleted the .sqlite file and then I had to again show Audirvana my music folder. I am on a Mac.

Try to go to pref of audirvana, remove your music folder there with minus sign, close audirvana… go in application support on your mac and trash the audirvana .sqlite or all is in that folder… delete them or put them away somewhere if important to you.

Restart mac, restart audirvana, add a music folder to library. Let it load completely, i know studio is longer because it check your file on the web of a tag editor i forget the name now, glad to be on origin :grinning:

Go to sleep if library is big, then when finish, CLOSE audirvana. Copy the new .sqlite somewhere else as a new backup and with no doubles…

Reopen Audirvana, you should not have doubles at this point…

Thanks for your advice. I have followed it and the duplicate albums are gone. Time will tell whether or not they return.

I do copy me .sqlite file everytime i do changes in my library, you just close Audirvana, then copy the .sqlite as a backup of this day, i keep copies like ten of those backup, if i see a bug or doubles, i can return back to where the database was free of bugs… just by putting back the good .sqlite in the same place

Happy music :grinning:

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