Duplicate Music Track Management

Sometimes tracks for a single CD are duplicated, one a flac file and the other a CueSheet file, which file should be deleted?

I have deleted the CueSheets where duplicate files existed, but they remain in the Deleted Tracks Recycle Bin.

What is the best way to remove one of the duplicate files, as the files can not be removed directly from the main CD and track screen, as the delete option is greyed out and not accessible?

I have entered the name of a track to obtain a list of tracks with their relevant CD and have deleted one of the duplicate tracks from the list which is shown as being on the relevant CD containing the duplicate copies.

Is there a way to combine a CD which has one or some of the tracks missing or the CD is split into two separate disks?

What does the three line symbol next to the change output button do, if clicked on it shows the current CD track list with no duplicate files shown, are these a copy of the flac files in the Audirvana folder?

Good to know the tracks and CDs stored in the Audirvana folder can be used with a Windows and Mac version of Audirvana.

I only have the 1.5 ver of the Audirvana manual, is a current version available?

I have found the program to be a big improvement over previous trial versions I have tested and the above questions are a result of my lack of knowledge in using the program.

When you go in the bin, are you able to delete it?

I have not attempted to deleted the CueSheet files in the bin as I am unsure as to if I should be deleting the CueSheet file or the flac file, when I have those two files for one music track.

If you have the flac files already separated for that album, the cuesheet file is not needed then

Thank you for the info, I will continue to delete the CueSheet files where a Flac file and CueSheet file exists for a single music track.

It would be easier to delete one of the duplicate music track files from the main screen showing the tracks on a CD, if the “delete” which is currently greyed out, could be activated.

You put Ss where it not belong…

When you have one flac track for an album and a cuesheet, keep the cuesheet.

When you have 10 flacs for example on a CD album and the cuesheet in that album folder you can delete the cuesheet… :grinning:

But, also for less trouble in Audirvana, you should use free Xld to split a flack album and a cue, to split them in regular cd flac tracks…

If i all makes sense :grinning:

Would I tick the “Automatically split file with embedded cue sheet” option in XLD’s Batch Folder?

Would “Save Cue Sheet” in the CD Rip folder be set to “Always” or “Only when saving as a single image file”?

Are any other settings required?

Thank you for your advice.

Yes and only. Don’t rezise cover image…
Add tags to files. edit tags before… embed covers

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