Duplicate Tracks, Missing Files

I’m having an issue with multiple tracks appearing in my library on my Macbook Pro.

Laptop is my secondary/portable listening machine and it has two drives in the library: Local harddrive with a shared iTunes folder and a network drive (NAS) which is synced from my main workstation.

If I sync with the shared library on my NAS, I will get duplicate track entries in the library if the same song is in both drives. This is not unexpected.

The problem is, I will have some albums with duplicate entries, from the same drive. Tracks show up twice and by all appearances they are the same tracks, just doubled. Some of them won’t play if added to the playlist.

Is there a “prune duplicates” or “remove missing” option in library management? That feels like a good feature to have if you’re syncing to a remote station that might do creative things with your sources.