Edit Comments Field Across Multiple Albums

Is it feasible to update the Comment field for multiple selected items in the List View? I am fiddling around in converting all of my existing playlists into smart ones using this field. I can clearly do it album by album. I am just trying to cut down on doubling the work already done with my manual efforts over the years if feasible.

I am primarily a Mac version user even though I use PC version as well.

Thank you.

Hi @PasDeDeux,

The comments are stored in the tracks. You can edit multiple tracks at the same time by selecting one, holding Shift and selecting another track, any edit you save in the metadata editor after you made this selection will be applied to all of the tracks you selected.

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Off to the races, thanks!

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It went even better than I thought in the end as I never truly knew how much yackity-yack (mostly) was in the Comment field by default from some of my sources. Some unknown yet useful data from others.

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