Editing problems

I have just found an album spread over 2 files. I have altered the meta data to record as 1 disc with 14 tracks, it was 2 disks of 8 and 6 tracks.
Now I have 4 files for this album ???
Some tracks have the album as TITLE (CD1) or (CD2) in the title but I can’t get rid of the (CDX) addition.
This software seems great at upsetting entries but poor at being able to edit it’s mistakes, or maybe it’s just too literal in its application.
1 track I csn’t see what difference there is from other tracks.
On a previous version there was a facility to actually edit ALL Artists, Albums Titles etc this was very useful for tuning the data base to your own preferences. Seems this facility is no longer needed unless I’ve missed something.

Go into the track editing section and add in the track krder and make them 1 cd. That should put the files in order.

No problem with the track order. I can’t edit the title of the album. Tracks still have say ALBUM (cd1 or2) I want ALBUM, I edit out the (cd1 or2) save and the album title stays with the (cd1 or2).
Little point in having an edit facility if it doesn’t work. Unless of course I’m missing something!

If you open the album and then try to edit the metadata without clicking on a track, are you able to change the album title?

Yes I should that but doesn’t do it.

Can you share some screenshots?

I’ll try.

Not sure what I did, but there was a file icon nect to the album title . I clicked on it and it put all the tracks into the one album.

Can you please share some screenshot? It’s easier for us to understand your issue with it.

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