Editorial infos by TIDAL

This is a very minor issue, but I just wanted to ask about it. In the Streaming setup for TIDAL in AS, there is an option to toggle ‘Editorial infos by TIDAL’. Once it is enabled, I cannot find a way of disabling it! The info is useful, but since the option is a toggle on or off, there should be a way of disabling it.

Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 09.17.38

For the moment I use Qobuz. For me that option is always off and I can’t activate it (Windows version of AS).

I was playing with this last night, it won’t let me have both Qobuz and Tidal Editorials at the same time. If I slide one on, the other slides off. very weird. W10, AS

The editorial can only be used one at a time since we can’t add all of the bio of an artist or a album in the album or artist view. We may change it in the future but for the moment you need to make a choice.

This toggle can’t be disabled since it automatically use the editorial info from Tidal instead of the one from MusicBrainz you can have without a streaming service connected.