Electrocompaniet Rena SA1 gapless issues

Facing gaps between titles when using Audirvana 3.5 and Rena SA1 in LAN environment.
Gapless is enabled in EC Software.
No trouble with e.g. iTunes.
It also relates to finishing songs too early (about 5s prior to the real end) jumping to next song with gap…

Did anybody experience the same?

Are you upsampling? If you do, disable it.

Thanks for the suggestion. I indeed did. Will try out tonight without… :+1:t2:

Unfortunately no change. Gaps are still there…and memory size is set to 5 MB…should be enough…transmission rate is 145 Mbps on LAN but even under WLAN condition with 550 Mbps no change.

Unfortunately that’s not much else you can do. Contact Electrocompaniet.

Check out this thread:

Thanks for that…did already contact them but response was strange. They stated to not know Audirvana and that I should focus on Roon as next firmware update will make Electrocompaniet Roon compatible…I will contact Electrocompaniet again because I am surely not the only Audirvana user running their equipment…also I will cross check with all my settings.

They told you this because they paid Roon compatibility to make this Roon connectivity.

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