Empty Radio and Potcast station info

This is from latest Audirvana 2.6.4 Windows version. I was test it on 2.6.3 and it was same.
Radio and Podcast was login problem recently, and it solved couple days ago… so I can select desired station and see the playlists on iOS remote when I use 2.6.3 and it was only for remote, windows program has problem to show all stations and lists.
Today, with 2.6.4, not only windows program but iOS remote(beta version) also does not works any stations nor podcast.
For example, I select Radio - Hi-Res - there is stations - select one - nothing is inside.
If I select Radio - Genre - Classic - nothing,
Locations - Europe - no country list at all, for all locations. This problem is same with windows and remote.
Attached photo is screenshot of Audirvana.

You can see the station lists, but click to any, nothing info or lists inside.
When I select some Location - Continent on remote, there is “Request Error” popup shows and nothing.

Maybe some error is there with new version.

Hi @vcastceo,

Can you disconnect and then reconnect your account? To do this you need to go to Audirvāna settings, My Account section. Once you have done this, do you still have your issue?

Yes it does fix the problem, thanks you. I have to log out and in again when there is unexpected problem… simple but troublesome solution because my Audirnava is running on no monitor, no keyboard, no mouse windows machine :slight_smile:

And I upgrade quick fix version today, hope there is not much trouble after all…

Radio/Podcast empty bug is solve once restart program. However, my Audirvana and installed mini PC (Windows 10) is running 24/7 and I don’t use it while I am away from home to work.
When I’m back home and open iPad remote, radio stations gone and windows Audirvana as well radio stations are empty. I have to exit and run Audirvana again, sometimes 500 error for failed to login Airable service, and I have to exit and run again. If it does not fix, I have to log out and log in again. It is real annoying.
With seekbar disappear bug, this is most annoying bug no.2. The first and most troublesome bug is of course seekbar problem, but this radio and podcast disappear is somewhat more troublesome because I have to do all things that I explained here, for every day and every time.
Do you guys Audirvana have any plan to fix these bug soon???

Hi @vcastceo, in the case of the radio disappearing, we are in contact with Aiable about it. They investigate the root cause of what is going on.

For the seek bar, I hope to be able to go back to you on this later this week.

Good, hope to see that take that dame root out once and for all. And matter of seekbar issue, wait your info with good expectation! :slight_smile:

Since last Thursday, there is no more Radio/Podcast list empty issue. No need to restart program, list is still there. 3 days in a row without stop Audirvana, I can see intact radio and podcast list. It is good and I need to watch again for few days more! Thanks Antoine.

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