Enable native DSD over UPnP

Thats interesting, so a Moode UPnP Renderer has a switch in the settings, it can be set to DoP on or off:

How would Audirvana detect the position of that switch, or is that impossible?

It doesn’t matter which I choose, DoP on or off in Moode, DSD256 still plays as a 352.8kHz transcoded .wav file, which to me suggests Audirvana is doing that transcoding.

If the DAC can accept DoP128, why wouldn’t Audirvana just downsample to DoP128 rather than transcode to PCM?

I also just launched an AssetUPnP server on this Mac, it too can do either Native DSD (bitstreaming) or DoP, it’s user selectable. So it’s not a case of “in all instances” the macOS platform demands use of DoP only:

I’d love it if Audirvana could introduce this feature too, it doesn’t really need Audirvana to detect what the Renderer is capable of necessarily, just offer the end user the choice of DoP or no DoP.

But at a minimum it would be nice if DoP256 (or higher) were just downsampled to a DSD rate acceptable to the DAC, rather than being transcoded to PCM.

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Just tried …
and with upnp everything is playing as native dsd (check RW_INTERLEAVED format: DSD_U32_BE in GentooPlayer screenshots)
I think this demonstrates that no conversion to DoP is done in the process
This is Audirvana

This is GentooPlayer playing from Audirvana to Khadas tone board

and this is how GentooPlayer is seen by Audirvana (GP-P1S)

This is JRiver playing the same file

and this is GentooPlayer playing from JRiver to the same Khadas tone board

This page could help to understand what’s happening in your setup

From NativeDSD different album, at DSD512.

@Keith_Wan not sure what you were trying to show or how relevant your pictures are. We’re taking about DSD over DLNA and not USB.

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j’ai ma musique sur server data center 2019 mon dac en usb sur celui ci et aurdivana sur windows 10 j’utilise la sortie réseau asio et je lie bien dsd 128 en entre et en sortie donc dsd natif sur UPnP fonctionne très bien


做一个开关,让用户自己决定发送 DOP 还是 native DSD ,jriver foobar2000 都可以自定义