Entire Album Playback

Since the last couple of updates, I’ve been experiencing a couple of nagging issues. I’m currently running 3.5.33 and pretty much stream Tidal exclusively. I’m using a mRendu, a Project S2 DAC, 2018 MacMini 3.6Ghz Quad-Core i3 with 8 MB of memory running Catalina. I’m upsampling everything to DSD512 and playing MQA as well.

When streaming an album, the opening track always plays perfectly. The remaining tracks on occasion does not play from the beginning and the track will begin to play a second or two into the track. In other words, random tracks other than track #1 does not play from the beginning. I can play an entire album and never experience this issue. I have not experienced this while playing locally stored files.

The other issue is something that I’ve been experiencing for quite some time, probably the last 6 to 9 months. On rare occasion, while playing an album mid stream, the track suddenly stops playing and advances to the next track. Frequency seems to have gotten a bit worst since the last update.

I look forward to see if any others are experiencing similar issues as I’m not certain if my issues may be caused by my local network.

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