EQ for Audrivana Origin

Hi Folks, this is my first post on the forum. I’ve purchased Audrivana Origin and am very happy with it, especially since I purchased a Topping D50s DAC. I would like to also install an Apple EQ plugin but I’m not sure if Origin offers one. I’ve gone into Audio prefs but I can’t see anything there. Can anyone help on where it is and how I install it? Cheers …

I believe this is the same as in Audirvana Studio… In the “Settings” window under “Audio Units”, click on the little “gear” icon it will pop-open the Audio Units plug-ins inserts window… Your Audio Units plug-in should be available.

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Hello @Shuddersfield,

You do not have to install AppleEQ as they are already in MacOS and available in Audirvāna Origin settings under the processing section :wink:

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Thats exactly right, thanks so much :+1:

Perfect, thanks very much :+1:

You can add any others you may want there, free or paid EQ…