Erase albuns

Hello, I want to erase the albuns of Bjork. I have already throw them alway from my “bibliotheque” and they are not at the “documents” anymore. They are not on my computer, but they keep showing Bjork on Aldirvana. What to do?

Hi @Wagner
Are they still in the recycle bin of your PC/Mac?

Hello Ironz, thanks for answering. No, I erased them from my Mac.

Rebuild database in settings maybe?

I’ll try.

Have you rescanned your library?

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Not yet.

I don’t have this option in mine…


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still there

shall i reinstall the app?

No. Flip on your resync folders at startup, shut down your computer and restart. Let’s see before you do that

I’ve just deleted the “recently added” and it’s gone!

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You can delete the library restart everything and re add it as well

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Thank you

Bork doesn’t go down easily :wink: