Error ? Album same name but Different Artists

Audirvana seems to mix up Albums with same Title, despite the Albumartists being different.

To give two examples.

  1. I have several different performances of Mahler 7 (different conductors, different orchestras). Most albums being named “Mahler - Symphony No.7”, with the conductors named Albumartists.
    Then Audirvana displays all these albums in one Album, despite the different (Album)Artists (sometimes this takes some time, sometimes weeks, but in the end they always mix up).

  2. Each part of the 40+ series LateNightTales is named “LateNightTales”, however these are compiled by different artists, hence different Albumartists. Same again, all albums mixed up into one Album

Sofar, I tried two ‘ugly’ ways to resolve this, albeit only the latter remained successful.
First by manually changing the tag ALBUMSORT from “Mahler Sinfonie 07” to “Mahler Sinfonie 07 [name conductor]” This seemed to work for a while, however than it mixed up albums again.

Secondly by renaming the Album name to “Mahler - Symphony No.7 [Fischer] [24/96]”
This is quite job to manually perform

Is this an known error or is there a way to resolve this? If so, will the error be corrected or is there another way to resolve this?
(without manually correcting the title of all the albums as previously mentioned)

Same issue here. Pity that there seems to be zero support available :frowning:

Just change the album name with the (conductor)… no more problem…
don’t wait for others to arrange your tags… when done it’s done for life…
backup up that .sqlite file often :slight_smile:

I think that’s a bit too short-sighted, I am talking 3000+ albums here. So manually adding this information is no option.
Regardless the fact that (a) it is in fact duplicate information (b) it is not unusual that different (album)artists release albums with the same name. I am not talking the odd same piece recorded twice by the same conductor over the years, but f.i. ‘Greatest Hits’.
In my view it’s a bug of the otherwise fantastic software. I would appreciate a solution since this messes up my database considerably.

How many albums you have are greatest hits? 100?
Renaming those 100 will take a couples of hours if you are slow, then you’ll be good for life…
or just stay like this all messed up until Audirvana cured your bug…

I have 3442 albums and some have 2 with same name Groups and a couple with same album Title… easy to put something between ( ) to cure it to differenciate them… Even if it is Audirvana fault :slight_smile:

All my library was updated to my taste and now it is perfect, it took me some times, all my smart playlists are perfect too, my covers are all embedded with the files, just waiting to be able to see my albums in Year order everywhere instead of Alphabetically, and also on the remote… that i can’t change :frowning:

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I do not wish this discussion to go in this direction, oversimplyfing matters. In my case the issue concerns hundreds of album.

allow me to be provocative: if you say this problem comes from an Audirvana bug then you know an application that brilliantly solves it.
Is that so?

Nope, i do not know such software, I switched from iTunes to Audirvana.
Besides, I cant follow your reasoning in this respect

This would be a change in the behaviour that could be far reaching and impact many users if done wrongly. This means it will require extensive testing. It’s not something that will be available tomorrow (or soon for that matter).

I can agree that the behaviour is wrong, but you have a choice of living with the current situation util something is done about it or implementing the workaround.

You appear to have insider knowledge, am I correct?

Nope, I do that for living.