Error ? Album same name but Different Artists

Audirvana seems to mix up Albums with same Title, despite the Albumartists being different.

To give two examples.

  1. I have several different performances of Mahler 7 (different conductors, different orchestras). Most albums being named “Mahler - Symphony No.7”, with the conductors named Albumartists.
    Then Audirvana displays all these albums in one Album, despite the different (Album)Artists (sometimes this takes some time, sometimes weeks, but in the end they always mix up).

  2. Each part of the 40+ series LateNightTales is named “LateNightTales”, however these are compiled by different artists, hence different Albumartists. Same again, all albums mixed up into one Album

Sofar, I tried two ‘ugly’ ways to resolve this, albeit only the latter remained successful.
First by manually changing the tag ALBUMSORT from “Mahler Sinfonie 07” to “Mahler Sinfonie 07 [name conductor]” This seemed to work for a while, however than it mixed up albums again.

Secondly by renaming the Album name to “Mahler - Symphony No.7 [Fischer] [24/96]”
This is quite job to manually perform

Is this an known error or is there a way to resolve this? If so, will the error be corrected or is there another way to resolve this?
(without manually correcting the title of all the albums as previously mentioned)