Error in Tidal integration

This error only occur while trying to play from Tidal a disc containing many discs inside (lets say more than 5 or 6)
Instead of loading all the discs with the tracks Audirvana stop loading saying “Loading more tracks” but nothing happens.
I have experienced this problem in all cases with a multidisc record with more than 5 or 6 discs inside.
I have tried the same discs with the Tidal app and the problem does not occur.

Thank if you can solve the problem

Thanks for the report.
Can you give the title of such an album so I can reproduce the issue?

For example;
Mozart: The symphonies (19 CD)
The academy of ancient music, Jaap Schroder, Christopher Hogwood

I found also two others but I do not remember the title now

Thank you

Thanks. The limit to 100 tracks for an album is now removed.
You’ll get the fix in the upcoming 3.1 release (that also brings playback to UPnP devices…)

For Damien
here are two albums in Tidal that are not loaded fully in Audirvana

“Loading more tracks …” but nothing happens.

Southside Johnny - Collection stops loading after ten songs
Southside Johnny . Best of Souyhside Johnny stops loading after 19 songs

As far as I understand this is not due to 100 tracks limit per album


These albums are missing a track (#2 for the first one, and #10 for the other).
This is an issue at TIDAL (checked with TIDAL web player & app as well).

Thank you Damien

I am also having problems with the 100 track limit in Tidal on The Rolling Stones in Mono. It is a 15-disc set, and Audirvana says “loading more tracks…” after the second track of disc 9. I appear to be using the most-recent version of the software. Thank you.

I have updated Audirvana 3 to The latest version available today, August 19th, is The 3.0.7, and the problem with album with more of 100 tracks on Tidal, is still present!
For classical music lovers this is a big problem: a lot of new issues are box-set and still now it’s impossibile to listen to all’ tracks of these albums.
For instance:
-Ferenc Fricsay Complete recordings on Deutsche Grammophon (DG)
-Mozart 225 Complete Comcertos (DG, Decca)
-Barenboim -Complete Wagner Operas (Warner)