Error Logging to HRA-Streaming

Windows 10 Home - version 19041.508
Audirvana - version 3.5.40
My only subscription is Tidal - it works fine.
When I start Audirvana I always get the following error message:
“Error logging to HRA-Streaming” - I don’t have an HRA subscription
This started a month or so ago (???).
I may have missed the “fix” in this forum.
Could someone point me in the right direction?

I have the same problem, did you get a solution?

Yep, me three. It’s fucking annoying :rage:

This won’t be of much help. The problem lasted from Aug '20 thru Nov '20, then it went away. Caution!!! I MAY have uninstalled and reinstalled - I can’t remember! Proceed with caution. What I can say is for the last few months I have not had the problem. Sorry…

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