Error Message ""Unable to change integer mode""

Unable to play any music or streaming service. Error Msg ‘‘Unable to change integer mode’’ is received. What is the fix?

Have you tried to deactivate the integer mode?

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Hello @SteveD,

Can you send your debug info in reply? You can find it in Studio settings under my account section (please remove your mail and personal information in the debug info).

With Windows 10, I was getting the “Unable to change to integer mode” error when trying to play a DSD track with Kernal Streaming. A subsequent Studio version fixed this error only to replace it with another problem – White noise at the end of each track. A more recent Studio version helped to reduce the time length of the white noise but it never was perfect. I have no reason to use Kernal Streaming mode, so I gave up on it. Also, since the trial expired, I do not have a subscription to Studio.

Bottom line is: Upgrade to latest version of Studio. If there are still issues, you need to work with Audirvana Support (@Antoine). The problem is likely specifically related to your DAC – each case is different.