Error message when trying to save favorite

Streaming from Qobuz, I have an error message when clicking on the « save to favorite » icon on the remote app on my iPad which I use to drive Audirvana on my Mac: unavailable feature: Audirvana 3.5 or later is required… ».
When I go to the AppStore, I am being told that my version (2.1.2) is up to date…
Thanks for your help :wink:

Euh… i don’t do Qobuz, but Audirvana 3.5 is not on App Store it is the Mac or PC Application…

Yes, my mistake. When I click on check updates on Audirvana 3.2.18 (my current version still labelled Audirvana +), it is telling meI have the latest updated version, which is not correct if I got it right. Now trying to download 3.5.Will keep you posted… :wink:

Problem solved. I was looking in the wrong direction. The problem was Audirvana 3.2 telling me that my version was up to date when 3.5 was indeed available for a free upgrade. Now the remote works fine and I can save my favorites on Qobuz via Audirvana remote on my iPad.

I wonder why Audirvana doesn’t make it more user friendly to be informed and access to one-click update download via a link in the “look for updates” menu like pretty much any random software company… even the path to downloading 3.5 on their site and installing it as a replacement of A+ is counter-intuitive, feels like a 1990 computing job when you needed to think a lot to execute small things.

Still very convinced that it is one of the best readers on the market today and I am confident they are not going to slow down their learning and improvement curve ,