Error selecting audio device

When starting the remote I get this error: The sound device is already used by an other application(/usr/bin/pulseaudio,pid = 1211)
When playing a track it says: Loading first track and then: Unable to change to Integer Mode.

Linux Mint on a Asus laptop. USB out to a digital Interface the Singxer SU-6. Singxer 12S out in AudioGd R8 dac.
In Audirvana Audio Settings there are 3 more Audio devices:
HDA nVidia
Upnp Marantz sr7500 av receiver

What to do, please?

Hi @Nemo,

Do you know what is this application /usr/bin/pulseaudio ?

No, no more than it is an application ( probably in root)

Hello, PulseAudio tends to open (and thus reserve for itself) the audio devices.
Using PulseAudio Volume Control you should be able to turn the device off, so PulseAudio will not hopefully lock it.
See the image.

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I found not Pulseaudio volume contol but Pavu volume control. Is that ok?
I tried different settings. No sound yet.

yeas pavu is Pulse Audio Volume Control.
I assume Uit means off. If you want to mix PulseAudio with alsa as Audirvana seems to require, you need to have a device for the desktop (maybe the monitor) and another that PulseAudio should ignore, that should then be used by Audirvana.
Have you tried to restart Audirvana after setting your dac to off in PulseAudio Volume Control?

Yes I tried both settings. Off and digital. No effect after restarting

Hello, this is on my system, I never tried playing directly to alsa as I was using some UPnP renderers, but I just tried, and it is working. XMOS USB Audio is my DAC, which is set to “Off” in PulseAudio Volume Control.
It is selected as the output device in Audirvana Remote and playing as I write.

I am using my docker image built using this repository of mine but I think the regular way of installing Audirvana should work the same.

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By the way as a side note, I had set dsd 128 upsampling on my UPnP renderer and this worked perfectly.
But then switching to another device would cause Remote to always crash. I had to select again that UPnP renderer and disable any upsampling, then I could finally access the Alsa device without the Remote crashing.
I also got a loud crack on the speakers in the process, I didn’t like that at all. For sure the dac itself is to blame.

Thanks. I tried several settings but with the dac in the off setting then Linux freezes…
I have Audirvana installed on a HP laptop also with Linux Mint. No problem there.

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You can maybe try stopping pulseaudio, at least for a short test. This should unlock your device, which should then be usable by Audirvana.
Maybe we can identify the device, can you open a terminal and post the output of

cat /proc/asound/cards

say your device is named “DAC”, if you run the following:

watch cat /proc/asound/DAC/pcm0p/sub0/hw_params

you want the output to say “closed”, this will mean that the device is in fact not in use, so ready for Audirvana.

Is this ok?
I restarted Linux, same error

Not ok, someone is using the device, probably pulseaudio!
Which distro are you using?
Anyway this should work: sound - How do i stop pulseaudio? - Ask Ubuntu
You will need to re-enable the services in order to restore desktop audio when you are finished


there are some spurious characters from the copy and paste, for example it should be

systemctl --user stop pulseaudio.socket


systemctl --user stop pulseaudio . socket

check the commands, maybe paste them in an editor, and double-check before executing them in the terminal


weird… can you verify the device is closed with this again:

watch cat /proc/asound/DAC/pcm0p/sub0/hw_params

but with the correct device name, not DAC

Yes it says: closed
Playback starts and stops after 1 second

Error selecting audio device: Cannot open pcm device

Maybe Pulse is grabbing the DAC again after it starts?

maybe… let’s rule out pulseaudio… try executing

watch “ps aux | grep pulse”

We should see that this should not return anything…