Error sorting artist: uppercase is ok!


I have a weird problem related to artist sorting.

I have Chris Jones albums that are sorted at list beginning:

Metadata are ok (there are no spaces before Chris):

If I rename Chris Jones artist name in CHRIS JONES, then the artist is sorted ok:

Can you help me?

Thanks, bye

Hello @Necrosoft, can you send us one of the track of this album at

Sent! Let me know what you think. Bye.

Can you make a screenshot of your sorting criteria so we can exactly reproduce the layout of your database?

I use standard criteria:

Here is what I get when i added the file as you sent to me:

I don’t know. In my case the sorting is correct only if Chris Jones is CHRIS JONES.

I’m software engineer and I know this is the case “it works for me”. I’m not able to suggest a debug strategy in this case but I would look around sorting stuffs (maybe you have an index cache or something like that).

You can rebuild the index of your database using the button for it in Audirvana settings. The other thing you can do is opening your sqlite database using software like DB Browser to take a look at how the track is viewed by Audirvana.

I know sqlite, when I have a minute I’ll try some checks.

Quick question unrelated to this problem: ReplayGain option do not modify in any way the original file, right?

It doesn’t modify the file in therm of quality, it’s a calculation made by EBU R128 which is common in the audio industry.

Ok, but I see you save replaygain information inside the file metadata not in a separated db, right?

…Do is eventually possible to clear these information?

Why would you need to clear this information?

personal annoyance :smiley: or in case of multiple player (but in this case should be re-generated or ignored by option). Anyway I see Audirvana is not able to remove these tags, we need an external tool.


I have a similar problem with one artist name Sarah Connor. Spelled correctly the album is put as the first one in the overview when sorted by albums, even if sort order is set to album artist. Modifying the artist name e.g. to Sarah Connorr (with two ‘r’ at the end) suddenly the album is sorted by the (misspelled) artist name. I checked the SQLite database with the DB Browser, but the entries are looking good. So it might be interesting to know the exact SQLite statement that Audirvana uses to create the list auf album artists, maybe there is the problem located. Any possibilities to get this statement?



This is surely a bug. Sneaky and maybe rare but it’s a bug.

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