Error Starting Device Playback?

Hi all

I recently purchased a Luckit WaveIO USB interface to get the signal out of my computer and into my Twisted Pear Buffalo DAC (see link)

Audirvana recognises the WaveIO (39AS600_Series) in preferences - see screenshot. (Although strangely the OS of my Apple Mac computer doesn’t)

When I try to play a track it loads but then goes to error with this message:

Any ideas as to what might be causing the problem? I’ve tried altering various settings in preferences. Any help much appreciated.

The audio device you have selected is a UPnP device, not the USB one. And it must not comply fully the UPnP AV/DLNA media render standard.
In 3.2.3 I’ve just released, when selecting the audio device you now get the information that a device is a UPnP one.
So if you have a USB connection, it’ll be easier to pick it.