Ethernet versus WiFi


I’m using Audirvana on a Mac Mini, connected via Ethernet to my router, controlled by my iPad via WiFi. Do I need to activate WiFi on my Mini for the iOS application to find my Mac?


No, you don’t have to activate the WiFi on your Mac Mini since it is already connected via the Ethernet port to a router with WiFi. Your iOS app should find your Mac Mini in your network just fine.

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Thank you @Nemrod :slight_smile:

You just made me check that for you, and since i’m now with Ethernet cable since i’m in downstair music room that has low wifi reaching, i realized that i don’t need wifi for Audirvana remote, even for JRiver or even HQPlayer.

Now, one thing less that opens with the Mac mini for only music :slight_smile:

Also Real VNC on iPhone works alright without wifi (just had to change to Ethernet address on the Macs and bingo) to reach my 3 computers from my iPhone :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ll test again this evening.

You’re right, don’t know what happen

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