Euréka ! I can listen my music from iTunes Library

After many searches to find how listen my local library, I found the good action : very simple but, obviously, once we find it !
I stop fumbling and I read the informations (very little characters ; thank you for the presbytes !) et I note that


I can resize the Navigator


ans see all my files with all folders ans subfolders finally !!! and above all, of course, listen to my music stored on my internal hard drive.

Phew !!!
So I did well to give the new Audirvana a chance by buying it before my manipulations.
The sound, indeed seems more airy and dense (I’m in the test, so to refine)
A real concern now resolved

Capture d’écran 2021-06-19 à 18.55.56

I really thought you were asking for something much more particular :sweat_smile:
That’s how playlists work in Audirvana Studio, in that floating window (and I really hope they will allow to add more playlists in the left main list because mine is nearly empty while extra width is always a good thing).

So, it answers to your both previous topics :


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