Even more disfunction with Remote

I installed the latest version of Remote hoping some of the crashes and other bugs with the old version would be fixed. Then I found out that the upgrade in the Apple App Store is designed for the 3 series of Audirvana, which I didn’t even realize existed because they don’t seem to notify license holders when new versions come out. So I got the latest, and now Remote is way worse than before. Album art doesn’t appear in the Album view. I Artist view, some art appears but many albums and artists only appear as a blank space with “Artist Name” below it!
Another problem: Dark Mode can be turned off (in my opinion, it’s too dark and makes reading text very fatiguing) but some text in the app is white, so if you go the opposite of Dark, you can’t read some of the links! Please offer a gray background of some sort and fix this stuff before you release an “upgrade.”

I’m going to go back to the series 2 version of Audirvana even though I just paid to upgrade. I wish I could go back to an older version of Remote also!

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