Exclusion of purchased Apple Music?

Could someone please enlight me : a few files are not accepted by Audirvana for Sync. These are purchased Apple Music songs (m4a, not m4p). While it is understandable in principle, other files (m4a), falling in the same category are accepted, hence my question

You probably need to download all the songs you want to play through Audirvana into your computer library by clicking the cloud icon present in Music, showing the album is in the cloud, not the library.

I see your point but I try to sync with files which are actually present on my computer, I have checked this.

Can you go into the Audirvāna settings and in the My Account section? You will see a button ‘Start Log Session’, click on it, and then go into Local settings and click on the “Sync” button next to your synced folder. After you see the sync finished, click on ‘Stop Log Session’ and then send me the log file you can find by clicking on the button ‘Open Log Folder’ at support@audirvana.com

Problème résolu, merci Antoine !

Vous avez vu quelque chose dans les logs?