Exclusive DAC Access turns itself on


I’m trying Audirvana Studio 2.3.0 (20300) and whenever I play music, a modal pops up saying that “Exclusive DAC Access” is turned on. I can disable it in

Settings > Audio > “Exclusive audio acccess mode disabled”

Settings > Audio > Output Device > Exclusive Access (off)

Settings > Audio > DAC Input > Exclusive Access (off)

It doesn’t seem to matter what my settings are, when I hit the play button I get the modal and the lock enables again. Am I missing something or is it simply impossible to disable this permanently?


Exclusive Mode is essentially the core of Audirvana’s music playback system. If you press play on any song, Exclusive Mode will automatically activate. By locking the audio path to your audio output bypassing any operating system processes. to keep the original sound quality.

But you can unlock Exclusive Mode when you want to stop playing music in Audirvana and play audio from another source.

Screenshot 2023-04-21 162200

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