Explaining Queues / Request Errors


Hoping some of the longer tenured members can help me understand how to get Audirvana set up to deliver on a scenario

Sometimes I want to be able to sit in my listening environment controlling Audirvana from my iPad via the remote app and listen to one track at a time.

Currently, I can do that in a roundabout way by tuning off repeat and the random play function AND then pruning the playlist queue

Much of the listening I am doing in this scenario is happening from a Playlist of about 600 tracks. I don’t understand why the queue function has to load up most of those tracks into the ‘queue’?

This makes a bit of a nonsense of the idea of adding tracks to that queue because in that case I will need to listen for a day plus before the track I just added comes to the front of the queue in a playlist of say 300 tracks.

Is there a way of turning off or limiting this ‘queueing’ fixation the software has? 25 tracks, even 50 tracks would be fine as long as the software could then add new tracks as played tracks were discarded

Now in an ideal world the large queue wouldn’t be a problem if I could use the ‘play next’ function as that would add the desired track to the queue after the current one - which is I assume is how it should function. Sadly, I say ‘assume’ that this is how the feature works as I have never actually seen it work in practice as I always get a ‘request error’ when trying to use the function from either iOS iPad or iPhone.

Now I could understand if the ‘request error’ came along when I had pruned the playlist completely and there was effectively no ‘queue’ to add to - although the software shouldn’t have an issue adding the track even if it then becomes the first and only track in the queue

The ‘Add to Queue’ is another function I would like to see work as I would use it on smaller playlist where the queue size is reasonable (queue size should ideally not be related to playlist size), Sadly again I only ever get a ‘request error’ when trying to use that feature

Has anyone encountered any workarounds for the request error issue or excessively long queues on large Playlists?

Hi @bladeraptor You don’t mention if you are using Origin or Studio. I only use Studio but same should apply, I think!!
Also don’t say if you are using Local Files or Streaming as this may have an impact as well. If you are streaming from Qobuz or Tidal you will need to check that you don’t have auto queue turned on, as this will add up to 50 songs as soon as your last in your queue ends. This can be turned off on the Streaming Tab.
On you iPad or iPhone under appearance towards the bottom you will find a setting that asks you “Default track tap action”. This can be set to:
Play Now and Replace Queue
Play Next
Add to Play Queue
So if you are in an album and you just want to listen to one song next, have it set to play next, tap the song you want to play and it will play next etc. Just the song, not the album or if it is in a playlist, just the song, not every song after it.
I would also suggest that when you are in an Album or a Playlist click on the 3 dots and get use to the menu that is available as per the attached Screenshot.
I’m inclined to think that you are hitting the play button which will send the album or the playlist to the queue. If you are clicking the play button on a song in the playlist, the default is too play that song and every song after it in the queue. Fix is to work out your options on how to drive it/add songs etc.
In relation to “request error” it simply means that the request has struggled to get there over WiFi as the remotes work on WifI not Ethernet. Usually a second or two wait and try again should fix it. If it doesn’t quickly close the remote app on the iPad and restart it. Normally works a charm.
If I have a playlist of 600 and I only want to listen to 50 or so. I might just set up the playlist from computer, Highlighting any 10 songs and clicking the 3 dots to the left and click Play Next. Go sit down, open the iPad and browse the playlist (with the setting on add to queue - from Appearances Tab) and touch the songs i want to add as I browse the rest of the playlist.
Hope this helps.


Hi ChiliHot

Thank you so much for the time and effort with your reply - it is hugely appreciated

I don’t currently use any streaming services so all my files are local on my desktop PC

I am using Studio. All my playlists are created in Foobar 2000 before being imported into Audivrana

I had a look at the ‘default action’ for the remote app last night and this could be a way forward

My challenge with the ‘Play Next’ or ‘Add to Play Queue’ functions is that those actions always get a ‘request error’ when used from wither the remote app on the iPad or the iPhone

I need to spend some time with my iPad right next to the router which is delivering the Wi-Fi signal to see if the issue disappears at which point I know its the shoddy Wi-Fi implementation on the iPad or the sensitivity of the Remote App - so thank you for confirming how those features should work

Sadly the ‘request error’ is not a one off thing and where waiting fixes it. I get that issue all the time to the point I wind up using the favorite (heart icon) feature to build an ‘in the now’ queue - funnily enough I never seem to get a ‘request error’ clicking on the heart icon to favorite a track

I will look into the highlighting songs option and see if that works

Thanks again for all the help and ideas

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Cheers. Perhaps also ensure that you have “Ask for a pairing code code on first connection” set under Appearance in Settings. Then delete your Audirvāna Remote from your iPad, download it again and pair it again with a new code. This might just give it a kick start???
Anyway, hope that you get it sorted.

Hi ChiliHot

I did as you suggested. Removed the remote App from the iPad, enabled the “Ask for a pairing code code on first connection” and then downloaded the App again - input the code and paired the newly downloaded remote app

Sat right opposite the router with the iPad and using both the ‘Play Next’ & the ‘Add to Play Queue’ functionality on a track in a local playlist gives an immediate ‘request error’ - so this is still broken sadly

And its not all functionality is broken or connectivity is the issue as other elements on that 3 dot menus such as “Play Now and replace Play Queue” work fine as does “Add to Playlist” buttons - so it is only the “Play Next” and “Add to Play Queue” buttons / selections that consistently return a ‘request error’ @Antoine - why is this?

Ok, that is not great. I’ll just tag support @Antoine as he may have be able to help further as i’m out of ideas other than something is not working well with WiFi setup.
He may request you to provide your Debug Info. The button to obtain this is on your My Account page.
You can then paste the report into the reply box on this thread.
Sorry I can’t assist any further.

Thanks ChiliHot - I will see what Antoine has to say when he is back from leave and whether there is a way to get those two functions working

@Antoine - I tested while sat at my desk, with the desktop running Audirvana next to me, locally through the Chord DAC selected as the output device to my desktop speakers and with my iPad on my lap and able to touch the router delivering the Wi-Fi. The Desktop is plugged into a switch next to the router

I have uploaded an iPad video of what I was doing on the remote app to show you and so you can see those ‘request errors’ you see in the iPad video don’t seem to have been captured by the log. Only my attempts to add a track to a Playlist were captured in the log

The iPad action video is here - Dropbox - Audirvana edit 1.MP4 - Simplify your life

The Log output is:

2024-05-17 17:16:07.302 [error]: RemoteServer: received malformed /playqueue/add/tracks request
2024-05-17 17:17:32.936 [debug]: ASIO: stop step 1
2024-05-17 17:17:33.395 [debug]: ASIO: stop step 2
2024-05-17 17:17:33.395 [debug]: ASIO: stop step 3
2024-05-17 17:17:33.395 [debug]: ASIO: start selecting driver ASIO Chord 1.05
2024-05-17 17:17:33.396 [debug]: ASIO: init for ASIO Chord 1.05
2024-05-17 17:17:33.396 [debug]: ASIO: call init
2024-05-17 17:17:33.396 [debug]: ASIO: init done
2024-05-17 17:17:33.396 [debug]: ASIO: got out channels: 2
2024-05-17 17:17:33.396 [debug]: ASIO: init step 2
2024-05-17 17:17:33.396 [debug]: ASIO: init step 3
2024-05-17 17:17:33.396 [debug]: ASIO: init step 7
2024-05-17 17:17:33.396 [debug]: ASIO: init step 8
2024-05-17 17:17:33.396 [debug]: ASIO: init step 9
2024-05-17 17:17:33.396 [debug]: ASIO: init step 10
2024-05-17 17:17:33.396 [debug]: ASIO: start step 1
2024-05-17 17:17:33.396 [debug]: ASIO: start step 2
2024-05-17 17:17:33.396 [debug]: ASIO: start step 3
2024-05-17 17:17:33.396 [debug]: ASIO: start step 4 with 2 channels
2024-05-17 17:17:33.396 [debug]: ASIO: start step 5
2024-05-17 17:17:33.397 [debug]: ASIO: start step 6
2024-05-17 17:17:45.313 [error]: RemoteServer: received malformed /playqueue/add/tracks request
2024-05-17 17:18:04.317 [error]: RemoteServer: received malformed /playqueue/add/tracks request
2024-05-17 17:18:10.613 [error]: RemoteServer: received malformed /playqueue/add/tracks request


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