Export album list?

Is there a solution to export the album list from the Audirvana library to import it into Excel? I just need the names of the albums. I know it is possible to export a playlist but I would like to be able to export the whole library. Not the tracks, just the album names.

Audirvana keeps all it’s data in an SQLite database file. You can find the location of this file in Audirvana’s settings. If you download and install a free SQLite database viewer (just Google for them) you can explore the Audirvana database and query and export all the data you like.

Thank you for your advice. I will try.

I succeeded to do what I wanted to do thanks to your suggestion Andy. I used the free software “DB Browser for SQLite” to edit Audirvana’s SQL database. I was able to export 3 files in CSV format: the table of indexed Albums, the table of indexed Artists and the links between Artist and Album index. I uploaded these three files in Google Sheets and linked Artists name with Albums name using the VLOOKUP function. It takes 5 minutes :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help Andy.

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