Export/Import playlists difficulties

My library SSD died and I’ve re-synchronised AO to an identical new SSD…all files play ok. I made a playlist/artist/pictures backup file and have tried to restore my playlists using the restore function. The playlists restore but are empty…how do I re-synch the tracks in the playlists to files on my new library drive?

Sorry to hear about your drive. I trust in addition to the restore of your database you also added the path(s) to where you music files reside on your drive(s)? That may be the key log for things to begin flowing again.

Playlists are basically text files with path names in it.
If on Windows: Does your new SSD have the same drive letter as the old one? If not: Open the playlist (*.m3u…) files with a text editor and replace the old drive letter with the new one. Make backups first, in case something goes wrong with the replacement.
After that: import the playlists again.

Hi. Thanks for your reply!

I’m running Origin on a Mac and my library drive doesn’t have a drive letter that I can see…am I missing something here?

The database restored automatically when I synced the new drive in the Library tab in the settings window. So now all of my music is in the database (again) and plays, no problem. All of the album/artist artwork also reappeared.

I restored the *.audirvana_bck file using the RESTORE button and the empty playlists appeared in the My Playlists tab. You mention that I should add the paths to where the music lives on my drive…where should I do that?

Many thanks!

Drive letters are only on Windows :wink:. My suggestion does not work on a Mac.

Hi @supersonic,

Can you send an email to support@audirvana.com? I know what is happening here and will need your Audirvāna database file.