Export playlist with relative paths does not work

With Audirvana Plus 3.5, exporting a local playlist in M3U format and with relative paths was perfect. Audirvana used the location of my library as the base of the file paths.

With AS, this behaviour has changed. AS does not take your library directory as the base for filename generation.

With Audirvana Plus 3.5, here’s an extract of my exported playlist:
#EXTINF:265,Sanctuary St.
Oli Silk/6/01-12-Oli_Silk-Sanctuary_St-SMR.flac
#EXTINF:246,Free Voyage
Naoya Matsuoka/A Farewell to the Seashore/Naoya Matsuoka - 06. Free Voyage.flac
#EXTINF:284,Just Ride (For George Duke)
Frank McComb/A Tribute to the Masters/Frank McComb - 05. Just Ride (For George Duke).flac
#EXTINF:400,A Woman Like Me
Lindsey Webster/A Woman Like Me/07 Lindsey Webster - A Woman Like Me.flac

With AS 1.6.1:
#EXTINF:357,101 Eastbound
…/…/…/Volumes/Archive/My Music/CD/Compilations/The Very Best Of Smooth Jazz [Disc 1]/1-08 101 Eastbound.m4a
#EXTINF:229,11th Hour
…/…/…/Volumes/Archive/My Music/CD/Rob Zinn/Walk The Walk/09 Rob Zinn - 11th Hour.flac
#EXTINF:267,4 On The Floor
…/…/…/Volumes/Archive/My Music/CD/Gerald Albright/Kickin It Up/01-01-Gerald_Albright-4_On_The_Floor-LLS.flac
#EXTINF:301,88 Ways To Love
…/…/…/Volumes/Archive/My Music/CD/Compilations/The Very Best Of Jazz FM [Disc 1]/1-04 88 Ways To Love.m4a

The AS file path information would not work if I used this M3U playlist on another device which also contains an exact copy of my music library.

Can we revert to the previous way that relatively-pathed exported playlists were created?

Hello @TazLondon,

I’ve made a test on my side and I don’t have the same issue with track locally stored, can you try it on your side?

Hi Damien, I just retested and it is working fine. The mistake I made was I tried to save the exported M3U playlist file in a different directory to where my local library was. If you do that then the …/…/… prefix is added to the file paths of the songs in the M3U file. Anyway, as long as you save the M3U file in the same location as you music library path, it is working fine (exactly as it did in A+ 3.5).

By the way, what does the Save Playlist image if present option do?

When you do a playlist in Studio you have the option to add a image to it of your own. If you export the playlist, you have the option to save the image or not with this option :wink:

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