Export songs to iPhone

Hello, before buying Audirvana, I would like to know if it is possible to export my selected songs playlist and synch to an Audirvana App like I use to do with iTunes or Music ? Thanks

If you use Audirvana Remote you’ll find all playlists you have defined in Audirvana, non need to “export” them.
… but Audirvana Remote is just a remote control for Audirvana, it is not a separate app, it will not work if your iPhone is not connected to the same network of the computer where Audirvana is running (it must be running)

Thank you for you reply .
Do you plan in the future to create a separate App ( not a remote ) which will allow your customers to sync /transfer their Audirvana playlist in their iPhone ? Thank you Pascal

I’m just an happy user …

Oh I see :slight_smile: . Do you have an idea how to contact the owner Damien Plisson ? Thanks

Damien is active on this forum, anyway you can send an email to support@audirvana.com

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