Exporting Audirvana Playlists to Plex Media Server

Hi, I have been trying to export some of my playlists in Audirvana to Plex media server. I can access Plex on my mobile smartphone but not Audirvana. is there a way of doing this?

Dear David,

Audirvana Studio (or 3.5 for that matter) is not a media server, it is merely an upmarket music player.

This means that while you can play your Plex Media Server music or videos on your smartphone or tablet, Audirvana’s phone app is just a remote control for your main Audirvana Setup and cannot therefore play music on your phone or tablet.

I am not aware of any project by Audirvana to produce an app with such a feature in the future.
God knows they have enough on their hands getting the existing software rid of its rough edges…