Exporting playlist WITH files

I was a user of Audirvana (version 1) about 5/6 years ago but abandoned it sometime ago because it was too limiting on the UI.

Recently I decided to visit the app again and was pleasantly surprised at how much the interface and file management has changed.
I’ve downloaded the trial version and have spent days importing flac, dsd, diff, iso and even mp3 files. I’ve created playlists, and played around with the various view options.

There are a few cosmetic tweaks that could improve the user interface (please change the default font - its terrible against a black background) but overall, I’ve been very happy.

I was prepared to buy the full version, until I decided to attempt to transfer some playlist files to an external media (i.e sd card / DAP) - and discovered that this function doesn’t seem to exist?
I can export the playlist file (m3u8), but this is not what I’m after. I want to be able to create a playlist and then drag or export the playlist (WITH files) to an external location (copies music files to a hard drive folder, SD card, DAP, etc) pretty much like you can with itunes (except I don’t use itunes anymore).

Is the option to transfer files from Audirvana really not available? or am I missing something? Shame, because after such a positive initial experience, not being able to do this is kind of a deal breaker otherwise.

Well, my trial period has expired.
I would have taken the gamble and purchased a license if the ability to export files from a playlist was at the very least to be promised in a future update. But disappointed nobody from Audirvana couldn’t take the time to respond in some way.

For now I’ll keep my money. Perhaps I’ll come back in another 5 years?!

I have the same problem. I assumed there would be a way to export music files from my playlist. I used iTunes to fill my iPod. Now I want to use Audirvana to fill my memory stick that I use in my car (and/or my Sony media player). I have not found that option poking around on this site or in the instructions. Am I missing something? Surely there is some way to do this.