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I was using Studio tonight when I put it on pause to step away. A few minutes later, I went to resume playback and it was hung up. This happens from time to time. Anyway, when I killed the program(I had to power my DAC off to get the process to end) and started it back, the VST3 plugin is no longer working fully. When in real-time mode, the VU meter and spectrum analyzer features no longer display any activity. The EQ is working and the profile is applied, though. It doesn’t matter what audio settings I use under Computer (WASAPI, ASIO, KERNEL STREAMING) or what DAC I use, this has just ceased to function. I tested version 3.5 for this same issue and it works fine. When I relaunched the Studio software after the crash, I noticed a brief popup indicating “Library Migration” so perhaps an update was released or installed for Studio tonight? Either way, this is not the only problem with this plugin in Audirvana. When using ASIO drivers with the plugin in real-time mode, Audirvana crashes as soon as playback begins, so I have been using it KS mode only for my Audio-gd R2R DAC(This problem also exists in 3.5). My RME DAC works fine in ASIO mode with real-time enabled so it appears that Studio and 3.5 have issues with the Amanero ASIO drivers for the Audio-gd DAC. This second issue was reported MONTHS ago to no avail or response.

Any other Pro-Q3 users that can recreate these issues? Thanks.

I have the same problem. All Fab- Filters doesn’t work with the new Audirvāna version.

The pay version still works…

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A quick test shows that on OSX High Sierra Audirvana Studio1.8.1 Fab filter still works.

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It occurs on Windows 11…

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I’m on Windows 10 21H1.
Audirvana Studio 1.8.1(10801)

As you can see, I have both Pre and Post enabled for the analyzer and there is sound analysis being represented during playback. The VU meter on right spikes up at start of playback and then sticks where you see it at. Not always at the same place, but it sticks regardless.

Working well with Monterey 12.0.1
Audirvāna 1.8.1

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I’ve nothing… VU meter enclosed.

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On Audirvana 3.5.51 works everything.

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Here is another snip showing where I have added MAnalyzer. It is working fine. So this issue just seems to be affecting the analyzer hook for Fabfilter plugins exclusively as some other plugins work.

Yes, on Mac it work’s…

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I have lost realtime display on my ff pro-Q3, Studio 1.8.5 Monterey 12.0.1 while using UPNP wireless
Any Ideas ?

Real-time DSP is not possible in UPNP. So no nice VU meters either.

Or did it work before?

I’m afraid I have to agree, I was jumping back and forth between DAC’s and usb and didn’t realize that was why it seemed erratic

Ran new 25ft xlrs from Oppo205 to Jotunheim to use balanced all the way

Just a bad brain

FabFilter has released updates last few days

Thanks for that information! The only real help you’ll get here is from users!

It’s not like support is doing anything here, LOL. Each new update breaks something that was working and fixes something that I wasn’t using or wasn’t having a problem with. Roon is looking better every. single. day. This can’t even be classified as support at this point.

I have a subscription on both: Roon and Audirvana. The newest Roon update corrupted my entire database and I had to re-install Roon and rebuild the database from scratch.

You clearly did not see the complaints on the Roon forum about the newest Roon updates :wink:. Things fall over regularly in Roon too… The grass is not always greener on the other side.

My current experience with AS is the opposite of yours: that AS support is actually quite responsive, certainly the last couple of months (after some teething problems) and that AS is getting regular updates (they even implemented some user suggestions) and quite stable.

But YMMV of course.

This is also a thread about FabFilter. A product not made by Audirvana. Seems to make sense that AS support is not responsive on this thread and leaves the discussion to the forum members.

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Send It!

Where to?

Oh you hit the target :wink: