Failure to Record Final Track of Play Queue in Playback History

This is a longstanding issue for me which has occurred since AS was released. Basically if I load anything from 2 to 50 tracks in a play queue all tracks are recorded in the play history with the exception of the last track which is intermittently not recorded in the playback history or has a play count added. My observations on this are as follows;

  1. This issue does not occur when playing via USB to a Chord DAC or when using the internal DAC and MacBook speakers.

  2. It only occurs when using UPnP over wireless to KEF speakers.

  3. The frequency of occurrence seems to be related to the BitRate of the files. It very commonly occurs (80% of the time) when playing 11290 kbps DSD files. This frequency is reduced when playing PCM files which are upsampled (power of 2, R8Brain) to 24/384 to about 40% occurrence and even less frequency if I turn off upsampling and just play 16/44.1 to 24/192 files. (I have noticed an increase in the frequency with the KEF speakers since the “Plays with” addition of the KEF’s which allowed upsampling to 24/384 kHz prior to this was 24/192. Hence the reason for this post)

  4. From a playback perspective all files play perfectly over wireless UPnP, there is no truncation of tracks or dropouts. I have experienced faultless playback of all tracks for the last 18 months or so since investing in the best possible home network (within apartment constraints - wired connection for KEF’s to satellite router, fibre backhaul to main router, wireless from MBP to main router).

As an example I played 3 DSD tracks (Vivaldi/Podger/Brecon Baroque) the first two are recorded in the playback history, the last is not recorded despite playing all the way to the end. At the same time as playing I have recorded an Audirvana log which does show an error at the end of the log, (No idea obviously whether this is related?)

There are no errors when transitioning from track 0 to 1 or track 1 to 2 however I do see the following Error 714 at the end of the log…

321912702 for 951042 requested 951042 loaded 322863744 from buffer 0 trackId 2
2024-04-30 10:45:46.212 [debug]: UPnP Received updated transport actions:Play
2024-04-30 10:45:46.213 [debug]: UPnP Received new transport state STOPPED
2024-04-30 10:45:46.338 [error]: UPnP Error 714 setting AVTransportURI to on instance 0

I understand this is a low priority as playback is faultless however due to my desire to have the play counts and history accurately reflect the number of times I have played a file I would appreciate it being looked at at some point in the future… Thanks.


As an example of how upsampling/bitrate seems to affect this issue. I played two tracks from the 1975 Looking for Somebody to Love then Human Too without upsampling (16/44.1) . Both were recorded in the play history. I then replayed the tracks with upsampling turned on, AS then upsamples to 24/352.8. As you can see the first track Looking for Somebody To Love is shown as played twice. The second and final track in the queue, Human Too is not recorded as played twice.

Hi @Djm1960,

I have been able to reproduce the behavior. I will review what is going on with Damien :slight_smile:

Thanks! No urgency, I check the play history when finish playing to the KEF’s if the last track is not added to the history I replay it to the internal MBP speakers with the sound off to ensure my playback counts are accurate (I have a little OCD affliction).

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