FAQ Lacks key answers

I’ve been burned by free trials before, and badly. I’m not about to download and install new music software and let it mangle a music library, carefully-crafted over decades, no matter how superior it sounds. I once had a horrible experience in which my albums were sliced, diced and rearranged based on a database that tried to fit every song into albums in seemingly random fashion. It took me weeks to undo the damage, and that was when my library was a fraction of the current size.

There are far too many questions that the FAQ doesn’t address at all.

  1. How much does it cost? There’s no point in downloading a free trial if the price to subscribe is beyond what I’m willing to pay

  2. After installing Studio, if I decide against it, will I be able to go back to using Audirvana 3.5? I will not install a free trial if there’s no way to downgrade.

  3. Is there an option to maintain my existing library structure? If not, where exactly does Studio store music files in MacOs? Is the organizational structure similar to that in iTunes, with folders by artist and album?

  4. Will it still be possible to use the Studio library with iTunes? Currently, I use iTunes as my library manager, not just because it gives me complete control, but it facilitates uploads to the VOX music service. That lets me play my music in high-res on the go on my iPhone. With a high-end DAC, the sound is pretty good. I’m not about to keep separate libraries - one for studio and one for uploads.

  5. Is there any thought about releasing a version of Studio for iOS? I’d love to be able to access my entire music library on the go, with the superior sound of Audirvana

Right?! Isn’t there some type of regulation that requires disclosure of price? I wonder if it’s in GDPR. This company is a joke. The website doesn’t even work correctly; they want you to agree to Terms & Conditions, but it 404’s.

I also let iTunes take care of the library structure (and it works well most of the time except when it decides to split albums for no reason, copy only two tracks of an album properly or delete cover art randomly).
While Audirvana (and Audirvana Studio) can sync with iTunes, you can also simply sync a folder. So, I just sync the iTunes music folder with Audirvana and it’s perfect, the only thing missing are the playlists. So far I didn’t see Audirvana Studio behaving any differently than 3.5 regarding to library management. It has its own database file to store its own metadata.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

It will be 69.99$ annualy without taxes and 6.99$ monthly.

Studio is not an update of 3.5, it’s a different installation so you can still use 3.5 at the same time as 3.5

What do you mean by existing library structure? We only look at your tracks, we don’t modify where your tracks are stored, it’s the same as 3.5. If you change your tracks metadata in Studio it will be added to your tracks as it was the same in 3.5.

Itunes integrated mode is still here as it was in 3.5

If Apple let us have deep access to the audio flow of iOS then it’s an option we will consider but for the moment it’s not the case.

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Isn’t that what Roon offers through its proprietary RAAT? How is this Apple’s problem?

RAAT is a web based protocol so it’s not acting the same as we do. To get the best possible quality, we need this access to deep audio flow.

Hello Damien,
I wish you good luck with this new page in Audirvana’s history.

A question: Why won’t you propose to Apple your technology to make Apple’s apps sound better? It would be a win-win for everybody.

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