Fast forward podcast (and music)?

Hi. I am on only my second day of my free trial of Audirvana Studio so I am still very much finding my way around.
I found a podcast I enjoy but had already listened to half of it on my phone. When playing it in Audirvana I want to start from the middle of the pod but there is no FF button and if I move the slider at the bottom in the progress bar it just goes back to where it was. Is there any way of fast forwarding a podcast? Thanks.

PS I have now discovered that this is the same issue when playing music. I assume I am being stupid because who wants a music player with no fast forward or fast rewind function?

Thanks to all who replied with suggestions.
FYI - Support have informed me that it is impossible to fast forward a track while connected via upnp. While this may well be technically correct, I am surprised that no effort has been made to resolve the problem.
As mentioned elsewhere this is a deal breaker for me. As much as I like Audirvana, I am not going to subscribe to an app which is not fully functional.

Hi @bluecatman

Once the file is loaded (see underneath the control functions) you can choose anywhere you want to move forward or back.


Hi @philipjohnson
Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, what you describe is what is not working for me. When I choose the position I want the track playing to move to, the marker just snaps back to where it started and the track just keeps playing.
I have seen online (not found anything on this forum) that I am not alone with this problem but no solution has been provided and it goes back one or two years!
Do you have any idea if it is possible to contact “Technical Support”?
In a paid-for app this is a deal breaker. I might put up with it if it was a free app. It’s a shame because musically I am very pleased. Thanks again.

mail to

Yes to:

This certainly works on my ststem so send a debug to support.

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Never listen to podcasts but just tested and all appears to work as it should.
I just click on the timeline, all good.

If you have this, I’m pretty sure you are using UPnP, right? Anyway, I will take a look at your mail today and respond to it.

Hi @Antoine

Thanks for your reply. You are right. I am using upnp. I will shortly be sending a debug. Thanks again.