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I switched from an 10 year old IPad to a new one. On the old one the old remote app was working fine. When i had opened an album i had seen which song on this album i had added to my favorites by a little heart next to the songtitle.
Today I got the new app on the new IPad and in the albumview I can add or delete a favorite in the menu, but I can´t see it.
Is there a way to change this so I can see my little hearts again??
Thanks in advance,

Hi @Witteborner and welcome to the forum. Just another user like you. It would be great if you could post a ScreenShot of your IPad in Album View so that the forum users can see what you are not seeing.
Hopefully then we can see what is happening (or not happening) in your case :grinning:

Once you take your ScreenShot, click reply and click the Landscape Icon (3rd left of the settings wheel on the top row in the Reply Box that opens)

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Hi ChiliHot,
thanks for your reply.
Hope this helps to explain:


It seems you are using two different versions of Audirvāna with the Remote. Can you confirm whether that is the case or not?

No, it is the same Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.50 (3580)
macOS 11.7.10 with 8192MB RAM
on a 2013 MacBook.
Playing via ethernet to an OPPO 105d
The difference is an old IPad from 2013 with an older app-version to a new IPad with the actual app.

@Antoine the file names on the attachments indicate new iPad or old iPad.
I have only used Studio, never 3.5, however I don’t believe there are any settings where the :heart: can be turned off or on in Studio.
Maybe @Witteborner just check in Settings to ensure all appropriate boxes are ticked or unticked as necessary.
Failing that, I assume some further digging may be required on the Audirvāna side, unless another user of 3.5 has seen this before.
Trust it gets sorted quickly for you.

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Ok, If go in the 3.5 on your computer, do you see the heart?

First, thank you for your patience although I have not the newest version of Audirvana.
On the computer i only can see the favorite-heart, when i move with the mouse over the title. Then you can see if the heart is on or off.
I find the favorites in albums useful when you haven´t listen to a record for a long time and want to know again why you like it.
Or in the opposite you maybe want to try the unknown songs again to see if there is hiding a new favorite :slight_smile:

Favorite when mouse moves over the title:

No favorite (heart is empty)

I wasn’t aware of this specification on the ancient version of the Remote app, which is why I thought about two different versions of the software.

However, we stopped any development of those versions of the app as the Audirvāna Studio/Origin part of the Remote is the only version actively developed.

I note your idea as It may be interesting to explore it to bring it back to the Audirvāna Studio/Origin part of the Remote

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Looking forward to get my little hearts back :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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