Feature Request: Artist Screen Customization

Here is an example of the Artist screen that I accessed from Local-Artist sidebar. I find this screen is a wonderful example of how AS integrates my local library with my streaming service which is one of the reasons I’m a big fan of AS.

The screen includes vertical sections for

  1. Artist info and similar artist
    and expandable sections for
  2. Top Tracks
  3. Local Albums
  4. Albums from Qobuz
  5. Playlists with the Artist from Qobuz
  6. Album Artist Appears on from Qobuz

It would be even better if I could customize this screen. To start with:

  1. For each of the expandable sections, in addition to the See All option I’d like a See Less option (collapsing the section).

  2. My See All - See Less choice would persist between sessions

A second level of enhancements with additions to Preferences where I could:

  1. Specify the order of the sections

  2. Turn off sections altogether (I would turn off Playlists and Appears On)

  3. Select the number of rows for each section (Currently there is one row per section)