Feature Request: Fully Backup System!

may i provide an idea of a full backup system?
well its simple an option to back everysingle srtting like audio settings library and etc and if its possible the window placements on main and miniplayer setting.

we have now the option to backup favorites artist pictures and playlist and its cool! but if we take to the other level will be useful and functional!!! what do you say team?

thank you for reading this!

I say this is a good idea :wink:

We asked ourselves about this since the release of the backup of playlist and favorites. The thinking is about if we link those settings with the Audirvāna account you have or not. The dev time is focused on something else for the time being but we still have this idea in mind :wink:


that’s cool with account link will be much easier if can implement the total full backup of the app, I hope we can see this in action one day

…but till this happening, i found a way to backup the settings and everything manually!!! :wink: they is always a way!!! :wink: