Feature request: Separate Local & Tidal Favorites

I loved how the favorites from local library and tidal were separated into different lists in Audirvana 3.5

But in Studio both of them show up in the same list.

Would love to see them separated in Studio too!

You can still have your Tidal favorites only here:


Sorry, I meant on the remote App :slight_smile:

In the Tidal section of the Remote app, you have a tab for My Music. Are you using the iOS version?

Yes I’m on iOS v3.1.1

I’m talking about the tab in the attached picture.

In this tab you have every Favorites. You need to change the source (icon at the bottom left) and select Tidal to be in the Tidal specific section

With Audirvana Plus we had the local favs and tidal favs in separate lists in the iOS remote app

From the bottom left icon I can access Tidal favs only. But it’s a few steps to get to them.

But when Local library is selected. I don’t see a dedicated tab for Local favs.

Would love to see the favs separated within the Main favorites window…on the remote app