Feature request - Settings stick with output device


i’ve been using Audirvana on a Mac for some time now and am liking it.

I’d like to propose that settings stick to a specific output and not be global.
Something like presets for a specific DAC which can be set and opened as required when changing outputs. The best would be if this happens automatically by device.

Why i would find this benificial?

I am streaming to different DACs using different Raspberry pi devices via upnp (or sue locally connected DACs).
Mainly it is like this: one Raspberry pi is dedicated to an amp with speakers and another one is to a headphone amp. Both use different DACs connected via USB.
For the headphone amp i am additionally using Audio Units to use parametric EQ for the headphones. For the speaker amp i don’t want this EQ to be active for obvious reasons. :wink:

Also i like to experiment with some cheapo USB-DACs from time to time and these might get some very different testing settings as i would use for the main DACs.

I need to remember to switch settings if they were changed to for another DAC in a previous listening session. This might be done by Audirvana automatically.

I am thinking about settings like Audio Units, upsampling and bit depth that should be set for each DAC.

Thanks and best regards,

I second this, it’s a pain to change all the settings going from my headphone dac to a dnla server. If I forget, oh dear, lol :slight_smile:


Yes, I’ve registered just to second this request. @Antoine, nice to e-meet you. Can Audirvana remember the settings for each DAC??

Regards, Ed