Feature request : simplification of use with two computers

It should be easier to use Audirvana studio from more than one computer (e.g. a desktop and a laptop) without having to go to the Audirvana website to “disconnect” the other computer. Or, even better, it should be possible to use AS from two computers, as it is the case with Audirvana 3.5.

Fully agree. Same issue here

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Aye !

+1 :+1:

Just disconnect from the app,
not from the website…
and reconnect from the other computer…

in MacOS the app does not remember the pw, making this a (further) hassle

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If it would auto fill that would even be a improvement !

When you have a two story home it’s a pain either way

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Try disconnect once from the app and reconnect same computer, it should stick.

Hey @RunHomeSlow , I think everyone here knows that deal, We are talking about changing rooms/computers , every time you must type in your email and password. Mac is usually good about autofill but Audirvana inhibits this

i see now :slight_smile:

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Pleaaaaase Antoine do something for that!
It is not difficult to make it just friendly while keeping the same security level.

I’d second that - I can no longer conveniently use the same Audirvana app in both my office system (where I do the ripping and metdatat editing) and in my main system where I just want to enjoy the music. 3.2 worked perfectly/3.5 always corrupted any playlist seen by the two installations - I really would like to get back to having access to my music from two locations. David

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I agree. It should be much easier to swap between devices.

I have 1 install on my laptop (at home) for headphone listening and the second on my NUC which is used for network playback to my streamer and is on 24/7, and to be honest it’s a pain whenever I need to switch accounts between the two so I wholeheartedly agree.
Also a pain, although slightly off-topic, is having to have the source device (streamer in my case) turned ON just to be able to access the account settings within Studio.