Feature request: Unique settings per audio device

Hi Damien,

Been a user ever since Audirvana started as free app. Loving it. Since 3.1, you gave new life to my DSD capable Denon receiver with streaming feature.

Now i prefer different settings for head phone and denon. Like upsample to DSD for denon and use software volume control. While i use 2x oversampling and DAC volume control for head phone.

It would help a lot (though am not sure how many will get benefited) If you could give an option to store settings based on audio device and load them when you change the output.

Good luck with Windows version.



I would also benefit such a feature. I have multiple playback systems with different sets of settings for audio device, audio unit presets, etc. and at the moment switching between them is a many-click ordeal.

Hi, when disabled on setup dac, SOX deactivated forced upsampling, are the parameters the same as for SOX filters?

I’m reviving this topic, as it is still unresolved. How close are we to being able to save settings on a per device basis, including plugins etc? It is about time this time saving feature was introduced.

It’s implemented, not all the way to include the plug-ins, but most if not all DAC specific settings are saved. If I remember well, it came with the Audirvana Studio/Origin 2.0.

Without the plugins, it is not fully implemented… All device specific settings need be included.

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In that case we would need something like profiles that you can save. You might want to have one profile with plugins enabled and another without plugins for the same DAC. Same goes for the upsampling settings.


I think that @reddog1 and I are referring to different DAC/ playback devices not a singular device. Roon has this capability so if you use a local DAC device via usb for your headphones you can have your EQ, cross feed, etc. saved. Then if let’s say in my case I want to send Roon to my NAD via Ethernet I want simple flat output, no plug-ins at all. Currently you must remember to reset your device parameters each time if your using Audirvāna. Hope that wasn’t too confusing explanation


Nail on head bloke…