Feature Request : Watch List Feature

Scenario : As a user, I would like to add items to a list to “check out later”, but is not (yet) a favorite. For example, I’m browsing new releases in Qobuz or Tidal, and I want to mark something that looks interesting to check out later, but I don’t necessarily want it in my already large favorites list.

Details : This feature would be almost exactly like a “watch list” in video streaming services, and managed separately from favorites. Adding a track, album, or artist to the list would keep it there until the user removes it from that list. The list would be persistent between sessions, so the user can come back to it later as needed. An addition to the feature might be to prompt the user to remove it from the “watch list” if / when they add it to favorites.

I don’t think a feature of this type is offered by the competition, so I believe it would be a great value-add to the product / platform.

Maybe I do not understand you fully.
You say you want a “watch list” managed separately from a playlist, but why? If you make a playlist called “watch list” and you add the music (you want to check out later) to that list, wouldn’t that have exactly the same effect as what you want? Or am I missing something?

You say that the competition does not offer this, but I know some of the competition offers ‘bookmarks’ which is a similar feature. Then you can (temporarily) bookmark tracks or albums for later inspection.

Yes, a playlist could be used for this function, but my thought is to make it easier to manage when adding to a default (permanent) list. A default playlist with specific purpose and additional features, if that makes sense. The additional functionality I mentioned kind of expands on this by optionally removing from the “watch list” when adding to favorites.

As for the “bookmarks” feature of some other products, I hadn’t seen that feature, so it might be very similar to what I’m requesting.

Edit: Oh, and playlists only contain tracks. My request would be lists that contain tracks or albums or artists in separate lists like favorites, but not yet favorites.

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