Feature request

I have Audirvana Plus 3.2.8 (running in Direct Mode) feeding the USB DAC input of an Oppo UDP-205. The analog stereo outputs of the Oppo are directly connected to a power amp that drives full range electrostatic speakers. Sound quality is excellent, even when playing generic 44.1k AAC files.

I rarely play entire albums. Most of the time I click on songs in my library list, one at a time. In its current form, A+ automatically starts the next file in the list. Is it possible to include a user interface switch that disables this? In other words, I would like to make a selection in the library list (either a single file, or a multiple selection), press the Play button, and have the playback end after the last item in the selection. I know I can do this by moving files to the play queue, but with the switch that I am requesting, that becomes unnecessary.