Feedback and Purchase

Today I purchased Studio. If you read some of my posts from last year (I was very critical), you’ll understand that this was a miracle.

The reason I purchased was that I had another trial and therein lies feedback for the Audirvana management team: like most 3.5 users, I tried Studio last year. It was a total disaster: crashes and many components not working; I never even had a chance to check out the audio quality. It was a train wreck. It was uninstalled within 48 hrs.

This year I subscribed to Qobuz for the ease of finding good music ie not charts / hiphop.
Qobuz needs a better player, so I re-investigated Studio and was very pleasantly surprised at how much it has improved.

The big problem @Antoine was that I had to create a trial with a random email, not on my proper registered email. Surely after one year of development you offer loyal users of 10+ years a second trial? The sound is superb, hugely spacious with beautiful detail that is missing in 3.5. Purchase was obvious. Congratulations, it is now excellent software.


Additional trial for existing 3.5 users will probably pay dividends.

Remote app (iOS) is excellent, please allow ‘Delete playlist’ (all of it, not ‘Prune’)

Remote app frequently struggles to reconnect Mac on the same wifi network

Improved file management: ‘Local’ stubbornly refuses to show all tracks in an album folder of WAV files.

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