Feedback on Beta

First of all: Great design, chapeau! Bugs:

  1. Each time upon opening app “Error logging to HRA-Streaming” message. Can’t get rid of this.
  2. Does not transfer MQA files (undecoded) to my MQA-DAC in 3 out of 5 cases. (Old version does)
  3. Not always time display when playing a song
  4. When clicking on the bar to skip a song in time app crashes totally

Adding my comments here to avoid multiple feedback threads:

  • Can we have a separate forum for the 3.5 Beta, as we do with the 3.1?
  • The preferences layout seems to waste space. Fonts are too large, switches too large and making it all a single column layout forces scrolling when, in truth, none is required.
  • The metadata window layout is much better!
  • I found the page where you can add DR information to multiple albums at once. I now can’t find it again …
  • It would be great to have the ability to tell Audirvana to add DR information automatically when an album is added to the library.
  • It would also be great to allow to add DR information to all albums, rather than having to select individual ones (maybe a “select all” checkbox).
  • The scrolling bar of album cover photos is a great addition.

Separate forum exist look at board index here.
Replay gain window changed place, by users and can be done when music playing now. Select all was there on the replay gain window… bottom right. I didn’t check new version yet, at work :grinning:

I know “iTunes Integration Mode” is nearly obsolete and “legacy”, but am reporting this:

Thanks for responding. The other board was labelled 3.1, so I assumed it was old - willl use that going forward.
The replay gain window took a bit of finding - it feels to me like it should be associated with the library rather than the playback device? There is indeed a Select All option there. I never saw it in 3.2!

With this beta, metadata and smart playlist system works quickly and very well except for incomplete “added date” criteria which cannot be saved. In addition, auto synch sometimes fails and I have to restart A+ to complete synch process.
I cannot be familiar with the BLUE background. Should be black.
Otherwise, 3.5 beta is excellent! I prefer DSD 128 upsampling which sounds more like analog disk! I thank Damien very much!

Thanks for this report.
Can you update to beta 20 I’ve released yesterday, and test if you still get this crash?
If yes, can you send me the crash report by PM?


Hi Damien,

All (my) problems seemed to be solved with version 20, although with version 21 of this morning problems 2, 3 and 4 seem to reoccur.

Audirvana Plus Mac Version (3528)
macOS 10.14.4 with 8192MB RAM

To be more precise : Problems 3 and 4 concerning MQA-files only.

More details on version 21:
a. All songs: Integer mode activated, but not showing (INT) on main screen
b. When playing MQA-tracks screen right-under showing: 24/0kHz Stereo
At you service !

A. Do you have exclusive access activated?

B. Which song is it? Is it the same with all?

Thanks for the Debug info in PM, but can you also send me the crash report?
you can find it in the Console application, opening “User reports” in the left pane.
Send me by email the one at the time of the crash.

A. Exclusive access was de-activated on 3.2 version. after activation in 3.2. problem SOLVED for 3.5
B. This counts for all MQA-tracks, other songs: no problems
Problems 2, 3 and 4, as mentioned in earlier message, continue to occur; will let it crash and send you crash report by mail

Even with version 21, AUTO sync often fails to work. I still have to restart A+ and then manually perform sync.

Problems only occur with MQA-files + the use of MQA-DAC (Explorer2). My non-MQA DAC doesn’t cause any problems.

Repeat play, “Option” add criteria, and Auto sync. These are the functions I anticipate to work properly. Thank you!

you are missing the red button on the left :slight_smile:

Please tell me the location of the red button. Thank you!

Problems with MQA-songs are solved. Forgot to reset sample rate to 192 for bridged devices.

The grey one beside the yellow to close A+ Software is suppose to be red always :grinning:

I see. Thank you!