Feedback on new UI (v.3.5+)

The new UI is a very inefficient design.

I often browse by genre, e.g. jazz, and scroll through the playlist in track view. Now I see just 14 tracks at once! I hope we will be able to make the view MUCH more compact in an upcoming version.

Why are we forced to have a big empty column on the left of the track view?

Search results are even worse. For example, I have 21 Brubeck albums, but only 3 are listed in the standard search view. Yes, I can click on ‘see all’ to see all the album covers but it’s an unnecessary step to take every time. Seeing just 3 results for each attribute type is basically useless (except perhaps for the artist column). Why isn’t there a list view option?

The settings view is so big and clunky - it reminds me of the Skype disaster, as someone already pointed out. Now the settings are spread over 6 screen heights, whereas 1-2 would be possible and much more convenient. Why make us scroll so much to get to what we need?

Some column headers are completely out of line with the rest of the column. See the Track# and Disc# columns. What a mess!


The info window is way to big and clunky, much like the settings view.

And slightly off topic, but it appears there is still no support for the volume control on Macs with Touch Bars :frowning:

However, I did find one positive thing: I do like the overall color and look of the dark mode.

You know you can move the columns left and right to make them thinner… can’t be seen but place your mouse between the titles

I enjoy the sound and look of Audirvana a lot. I do have a question and/or recommendations though.

I wasn’t able to search within the library by text, more specificially the “My Music” section from Tidal. Is there any way to filter those (based on text)? In Qobuz or Roon you can filter the currently viewed list with an extra search field. Are there any plans for Audirvana 3.5 to include such a feature? Or did I just not find it?

Unfortunately I must agree. That’s why I am stuck with 3.2. Will ever an improvement take place?

After many month using the Audirvana V3.5+ … and after using Audirvana since many years, the software is really great for sound playback … but really poor regarding user experience.

First, i don’t understand why when your search an artist inside a compilation of many of artist, Audirvana is unable to give you the tracks of the artist you search. Audirvana give you the entire compilation where the artist you search appears …

Second, why Audirvana is unable to locate you on the artist list when you press any letter key. For example, i want to go to K in my artist list (local or streaming content) … it’s impossible.

Third, why the V3.5 continue to display “phantom album / double cover of an album” in the list of the streaming content … even after many software update ? … It works perfectly in the V3.2 …

Fourth, why the V3.5 continue to give “loading tracks” problems on some streaming content albums (on Tidal) ? It works perfectly in the V3.2 …

Fifth, when Audirvana will be able to play streaming radio content … like the free Vox Player ?

Kind regards,

Dear bdugardin,

I could not agree more.
Recently, I have decided that I would just use Audirvana for its rather unique audio qualities when playing music files.
It is telling that it is easier to browse one’s music files in the OS browser and right click on the files to have them played by Audirvana, than search the same files through Audirvana.
A well configured Spotlight will sift through the files metadata more efficiently.

Also, I do not find it quite acceptable to experience all sorts of troubles and rough edges, and to see users being “helped” by the repeated advice from Damien to erase their database and start afresh.
Not very impressed…

On the other hand, there is life beyond those niggles :slight_smile:

Hello @Grwfsywash,

The repeated advice made to erase the database and start fresh is needed when it comes to duplicates in a database, there is another way but it would take to much time for anyone. Like it or not, this is the more efficient way to get rid of this issue since those database were created a long time ago.