Fidelizer in Audirvana Plus

I would like to ask if there is a fidelizer applied in Audirvana plus Windows 10? Or do you need to install fidelizer pro in NUC?

Hi I don’t fully understand your question, are you asking if both programs are compatible? I’m currently using Fidelizer Pro on Purist level and Network Player option with Audirvana and it works great.

No, I mean Audirvana is already in the app as a fidelizer.

Audirvana and Fidelizer do different things. Audirvana plays music, manages content and upsamples whereas Fidelizer manages windows background processes to optimize music playback.

Yes, I know it all. I was interested in whether in Audirvane as an application or need to buy fidelizer separately?

You have to buy it separately.

Okay, thank you for your answer. I thought the fidelizer already had Audirvana in it. Never mind, I am sure that I have to buy a fidelizer.

You’re welcome!

the Mac version has something like that - the Windows version seems to be rudimentary
and very problematic compared to the Mac version.



As I bought fidelizer Pro and Audirvana I have as running the main program when running NUC I can’t update Audirvana to the new version! How do I update when Audirvana runs in a fidelizer?
I have one more option to run Audirvana alone without a fidelizer, but there’s an Audirvana verification code again! As if I logged in to another pc! Can I sign up twice for each app separately? Or can it be updated in the fidelizer?