File MQA and bitrate

Hi, I have the dac SMSL M500, full MQA …
How did I set up the player?
Do I have to tick MQA RENDERER or MQA DECODER?

Set it as MQA decoder.

doing so is it normal to read the bitrates at the bottom right on Audirvana with a value of 24 / 44.1 or 24/48 hz? regardless of the incoming MQA file?

Yes, since Audirvana is passing the bit perfect stream to the DAC which then performs the “unfolding”.

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Hi, It is the same for me on my Pre Box S2 Digital. Here it is a sample of it: Sofware and Hardware…It is working properly , isn’t it?
Thanks a lot

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Yep, that’s how it should look like.

Thanks a lot, should I use WASAPI or ASIO on TIDAL? . If ASIO is selected on TIDAL at the bottom right, 32 is always on.

For Tidal it doesn’t matter, but for higher bitrare files ASIO might be your only option.

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